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i found a little town down by the river, where all the lovers go
decent (and well deserved, mind you) break yesterday...finished the hobbit, watched the princess bride, and made quite a tasty dinner.
so today, naturally, i intended to get back to studying, and do so like a boss.
unfortunately...half the day was was wasted as i more or less stared blankly at my notes.
i can blame my difficulties with attention as much as i'd like, but, if i can sit down and read a story and become so immersed that my family knows better than to attempt conversation while i'm reading...i guess i'm capable of studying if i try hard enough.
also...sometimes i fucking hate the internet.
yes, i realize i'm being a hypocrite.
i dun care.

i'm going to get some wine. and have a smoke.
and maybe sit outside a little while on this pretty afternoon.
and ponder life, the universe, and everything.
(ps; thanks, douglas adams.)


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