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so...what do we do?
apathy towards my school work has begun to lessen, and this past week i've been consistently hitting the books.
i imagine my brain resembling something like overworked dough.

therefore, i planned on granting myself a reprieve the form of not getting out of my pj's, tacos for breakfast, and perhaps finishing the hobbit.
aka be a lazy lump 'o person. coincidentally, it is the perfect day for this; gloomy, cold, and rainy.

while eating said tacos (which were accompanied by my homemade pico de gallo, and are just fine for breakfast, despite what anyone says) i decided to watch garden state...which i had not seen in ages.
viewing it now it was easier to see that it's just a little pretentious and a little more cheesy.
for a 17 year old girl-woman it was one of those...well, i don't want to say life changing, because that's a little dramatic, but it was pretty dern close.
the iron & wine/frou frou near the end still got me.


glad i watched it. cozy book time now.


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