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today is my birthday.
i am 24 years old.
23 was...mildly eventful.
finally decided to go to college. hopefully by the time i'm finished my hard work will pay off and my degree will be useful and/or mean something.
ended a 2+ year relationship...which was shockingly easy. i suppose if he had made more of an effort to talk to me or if i had pushed him to do so (which isn't really my style) it could have worked. but i can confidently say we're better as friends. the pressure to make conversation is gone, but then again, if two people work well as a couple that pressure shouldn't exist in the first place.
aaaaand...all four of my kitties had kitties of their own. it's kind of sad that i'm listing that as a milestone. oh well. i love the little turds.
speaking of, my wee eloise is leaving us tomorrow for a new family...she's my favorite sleep buddy, as she curls herself into a ball and snoozes right on the hollow below my neck.
i put together a little package of treats, toys, and a note to send with her.
i'm probably gonna cry a teensy bit.
my fault for getting to attached and forgetting that, seriously, there is no way we can keep all these kittens.

it hasn't really felt like my birthday.
i suppose because the only special thing i've done...was purchase two bottles of wine for myself (lambrusco & a riesling).
in all fairness, my papa is purchasing and sending me a nook color, which i am admittedly stoked about. i will always prefer a good solid paper-made novel, but...1000+ books mobile whaaaaaat.
in short today has been a bit of a busy day for everyone and i will be sure to get all my celebrating in this weekend.
only turn 24 once, i suppose.


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