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i found a slew of pictures online that i had completely forgotten about...the old bff and i created an online photo album years ago (circa 2005) and it's filled with random pictures up until about three years ago.
which naturally made me want to go digging around boxes around the house for some more old photos of the physical kind.

oddly enough i found i physically haven't changed that much, but i couldn't help but recoil a bit at some of the more questionable fashion choices i had made.

i have been extremely restless this past week. i'm blaming it either on the add or, yet again, the weather.
i've started roughly four projects...redoing the artwork in the three main rooms of the house, investigating my family tree (which may also be used as artwork of some sort), and restoring an old school desk i found in my shed.
i guess that's kind of more like five projects. oh well.
fabric and sketches are pretty much everywhere, and i still have patches of paint/glue on all the exposed bits of my body despite having showered multiple times.
i also have a list of schoolwork that i know needs fact, i think i have something due tonight.
i'm feeling rather ambivalent towards all of it, when i'm normally quite gung ho- especially when it comes to my more creative endeavors.
i think it's 'cause i really, really just need to get out of this house.
i need a good excuse for an adventure.


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